Skilled Trades Job Openings

Construction and skilled trades:

No matter what career path you’re drawn to, it’s likely that before committing you’ll think about the pros and cons.

If you’re thinking about a career in the skilled trades industry there aren’t many disadvantages to talk about, if any! A skilled trades career brings tons of career opportunities, competitive salaries, job security, growth potential, high job-satisfaction, and many more!

That being said there’s no doubt about it that career in the skilled trades industry is an egg-cellent one. Read on to find out why!

1. Competitive salary

According to our skilled trades salary guide, skilled trades professionals are among the most well-paid workers in Canada.

These competitive salaries are predicted to only get better with the high demand for skilled trades labour! This means that if you’re heading into the industry, you can expect to have a very competitive salary in comparison to other entry-level positions.

2. Job security

According to research completed by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, skilled trades professionals have a higher level of job security than other industries.

Job security not only means that you’ll have a secure job when hatching your skilled trades career, but also that if you work hard you’re more than likely to have a life-long role in your industry.

3. Extensive career opportunities

Skilled trades careers offer a lot of variety, which means that as a student or new grad heading into the industry you can pursue a path that fits your interests.

Some of the other skilled trades careers that we forget about sometimes are estheticians, chefs, florists, aviation technicians, automotive mechanists and lots more!

4. High level of job satisfaction

When choosing a career, you want to be sure that you’re actually going to be happy while doing it!

And according to many sources, women and men in the Skilled Trades industry report a high level of job satisfaction in comparison to other careers. This means that when hatching your career in the Skilled Trades industry you’ll be getting the whole package; a rewarding career that you actually enjoy doing!