General Counsel Chad Franks on the Charitable Fund of the Orange County Bar Association

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Announcing installation of VP & General Counsel Chad Franks on the Charitable Fund of the Orange County Bar Association on January 16, 2014. Chad Franks was selected to serve on the Board of Directors by the President of the Orange County Bar Association and soon-to-be President of the Charitable Fund, Wayne Gross of Greenberg Gross law firm in Costa Mesa, CA.

Chad Franks commented on the recognition: “This is quite an honor for me. The fact that Mr. Gross and the Orange County Bar Association have recognized my previous years’ service on two of their volunteer committees, and therefore selected me to sit on the Charitable Fund’s Board of Directors signals that my constant effort and commitment to deliver excellent legal services and support the Orange County legal community has paid off. It is gratifying to be recognized in this way. The Fund provides resources to organizations and programs in order to enhance the system of justice and promote equal justice for all, and I will commit myself to the Board as I do to all things that are important to me – absolutely.”

About Chad Franks:
Mr. Franks began his role as VP/General Counsel/Secretary to the Board at Decton Staffing Services nearly six years ago. Prior to this, Mr. Franks litigated a large group of consolidated civil cases for nearly seven years. Mr. Franks’ group was ultimately successful in those cases, garnering over $200 Million for its clients. Once those cases resolved, Mr. Franks turned his focus towards Decton Staffing Services, a previous corporate client who, upon reading of the above resolution in the L.A. Times, offered Mr. Franks his current position. Decton provides premier contingent workforce solutions to many of Southern California’slargest organizations, including clients who seek professional, administrative, medical, and IT staffing solutions. When Mr. Franks began his employment at Decton in early 2008, he immediately built its Legal, Human Resources, Risk Management, and Safety Divisions. Today, those divisions are thriving and, along with the company, growing at a steady pace – over 3 times growth since Mr. Franks began nearly six years ago!

Recently, Mr. Franks was selected as a Nominee for the Orange County Business Journal’s General Counsel Awards 2013 Nominees list. Thereafter, American Registry™ seconded the honor and added Chad Franks to the “Registry of Business Excellence™.”

For more information on Chad Franks, located in Irvine, CA, please call 949.851.0111.