Tips to Smoothly Transition From College Life to Work Life

Someday, you’ll fondly look back at your college years as some of the best times of your life. When else will you be able to sleep in, live with some of your best friends and take credits in yoga?

While college is, no doubt, hard work, it might pale in comparison to the time you’ll be putting in after graduation. But there are things you can do to help smooth the transition between college life and work life.

Get Into a Routine

In college, you might have flown by the seat of your pants to balance classes and schoolwork with your social life. However, that’s probably not sustainable for the rest of your life. Developing a routine and knowing what to expect every morning when you wake up will allow you to accomplish all of your daily tasks.

Use a Calendar

During college, you likely had a planner to track your homework assignments, study groups and part-time job. In work life, a calendar can be just as important. Use it to track important meetings, deadlines and tasks. Highlighters and sticky notes can help you to call attention to particular projects.

Get Enough Sleep

How many times have you chugged an energy drink or latte before an exam after pulling an all-nighter? While you might have been able to function on little sleep in college, a lack of sleep in the real world can take its toll. You might be irritable, forgetful and feel sick if you’re burning the candle at both ends. Make time to get to to bed at a decent hour, and you’ll wake up ready to take on the day.

Balance Your Diet

While you might have survived the last four years on dining hall cookies, late-night pizza deliveries and an endless supply of ramen noodles, it might be time to reevaluate your diet. Eat to fuel your mind and body to get through the work day. Always start your day with breakfast and avoid the 2 p.m. post-lunch slump by packing an energizing snack. Trust me, your waistline will thank you.

Make Time for Exercise

Post-college life can be challenging. You might be in a new place away from family and friends. And you could be in a brand-new field with a steep learning curve. Make time to blow off some steam at the end of the work day and take care of yourself. Whether that’s running, joining a basketball league or lifting weights in your apartment complex gym, you’ll feel better after working up a sweat.

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