How to Land the Nursing Job of Your Dreams

You might be about to wrap up nursing school, or you could be years into a career in scrubs. Either way, it’s never too late — or too early — to start thinking about the nursing job of your dreams.

Whether you envision yourself in the fast-paced environment of an emergency room or caring for kids at a pediatrician’s office, the opportunities are endless in the field of nursing. But how does one land one of those opportunities? Here are four pieces of advice for how to take the next step — or the first step — in your nursing career.

  1. Find Your Passion
    If you’re in the nursing field, you might be overwhelmed by the many career paths your degree could take you down. While you’re technically skilled to do many jobs, it’s important to be honest with yourself and find your true passion.If you don’t find yourself falling in love with every baby you meet, a neonatal intensive care unit might not be the place for you. Likewise, if you get easily stressed out and aren’t the best at thinking on your feet, the high-pressure environment of an operating room might not be your niche. It’s perfectly fine to not love everything about a position, but make sure the pros outweigh the cons before throwing your stethoscope into the ring.
  2. All About Networking
    Keep in touch with fellow nursing students and your college professors. You never know when they might help you down the road. Word of mouth is often the best way to hear about nursing jobs. Even if you’re learning about a position second hand, having a business card with your contact information on it to pass along to those in the know is always a plus.You can also try online networking sites such as LinkedIn to connect with others in your field. And don’t forget to join professional organizations such as the Association of Nurses Executives, the American Nurses Association or Emergency Nurses Association for networking opportunities.
  3. Volunteer Work
    While in school and the field, volunteering is a great way to expand your resume. Spending time putting in hours with a health-related organization can help you build your skill set and your contacts. And, if you’re lucky, a volunteer position can open the door for full-time employment down the road. Check out HealthCare Volunteer to search for opportunities in your area.
  4. Think Outside the Box
    While your dream nursing job might be at your local hospital, you might have to think about other jobs until that position becomes available. Consider a career as a travel nurse. In addition to great pay, other benefits include building your resume with a number of different skills and seeing cities around the United States.

Or, think about outside-of-the-box businesses that might need your skills such as cancer centers, prisons or schools. And don’t rule out temporary or temp-to-hire positions. You can apply for nursing positions in your area through Decton Staffing Solutions today!