Five Ways to Make Money in Between Jobs

If you’re unemployed or between jobs, you might be looking for a few ways to make some extra cash to float you until your next paycheck. Or, maybe you need help with your growing list of holiday gifts.

While the Internet is full of scams that will take advantage of unsuspecting people looking to make a quick buck, there are legitimate ways to make money in between jobs. Here are five tried-and-true ideas you can use to fatten your wallet.

  1. Ebates
    Sometimes it takes some money to make some money, and that’s sort of the idea behind companies such as Ebates. You’re going to shop for the essentials anyway, so you might as well earn cash back for doing it.Nearly 2,000 stores around the nation including Walmart, Loft and JCPenney, pay the company a commission for sending customers their way. When you shop, Ebates shares part of the wealth with you. Get all the details at
  2. Product Surveys
    If you have some free time, market researchers are hungry for your opinion on everything from laundry detergent to dog food. Beware of sites that aren’t upfront about their privacy policy or seem too good to be true.Popular sites such as Swagbucks allow you to earn points that you can trade in for gift cards to your favorite stores or cash through PayPal. Another popular option, VIP Voice, allows you to use accumulated points to bid on vacations, electronics and appliances.
  3. Freelance Income
    If you have a marketable skill such as writing, it’s easy to supplement your income — or lack thereof — with freelancing. You can take on writing projects from your local newspaper or search copywriting opportunities for blogging with area businesses. Because freelance writers aren’t full-time employees, the hours and assignments are flexible.
  4. Seasonal Employment
    Particularly around the holidays, many local retailers are looking for help to fill shifts and assist eager shoppers. Look for openings at your local mall and big-box store for cashiers, security personnel and sales associates.Be prepared to work long shifts in the days leading up to Christmas — and especially on Black Friday. But, you’ll likely be rewarded with a sizable employee discount to do your own holiday shopping.
  5. Temp Positions
    Many organizations contract with temp agencies such as Decton Staffing Solutions to fill vacancies in their business. The interview and hiring process works through the temp agency, who assesses your skill set and places you at a business. Businesses can specify whether the position is temporary, temp-to-hire or direct-hire. Whether you use the position as a stepping stone to something else or the beginning of a rewarding career, Decton Staffing Solutions can help find you the perfect position!