11-Step Employee Screening Process

11 step employee screening process

We Hire Only the Best

Decton’s mission to be extraordinary translates into the high standards we set for our applicants. We insist that all applicants successfully complete our 11-step employee screening process. This helps to ensure that we hire only the most qualified employees.

The 11-Step Employee Screening Process* Includes:

  1. Phone Pre-Screen
  2. Pre-Screening Interview
  3. Hiring Criteria
  4. Application
  5. Release and Authorization Form
  6. Skills & Work Experience Sheet Form
  7. In-depth Interview
  8. Evaluations Skills
  9. Employment Eligibility Verification
  10. Application Rating Sheet
  11. Employment Reference Checking

*Each of the above screening steps is client-specific, negotiated in each client’s case, and neither a warranty nor promise.

The Numbers Prove Our Commitment

Our screening process is regularly evaluated. The results have allowed us to gain certifications only 2% out of 6,000 staffing companies nationwide ever reach.